Monday, May 6, 2013


Write this a few weeks ago. Forgot to post it.

I am full of
I want to
go for a run around campus
make turkey gravy and truffles
listen to the same song over and over and over
and sing along
but it’s two am
and I have class at 8.
I cannot leave my bed 
without waking roommates
cannot leave the apartment
without trouble.
So I sit and write
a short story about a dragon and a mage
a poem
then another
words spilling out of me like air
from swimmer’s lungs.
I want to swim
take a cold shower
sit in a bubble bath.
I am trembling with longing to do, do, do
Fingers twitch.
I cannot turn on the light,
and the screen is too dim 
to knit by
but I want to create something
tangle my fingers in yarn,
or prick them with embroidery needles.
No light.
I write, sweating from a racing heart
but no reason why
except the mania
that has overtaken me despite the meds
and holds me tight, won’t let go.
I am full of everything
bursting at the skin
straining at my seams.

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