Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To the girl across the aisle

How many children of Israel,
born into the Covenant,
fell away into Idolatry?
How many Converts
growing up faithless
found truth
and held fast?

Knowing this, that the faith
of the father influences
but does not determine
his daughter's,
how can you sit there,
across the aisle from me,
and call my mother
quote: So, so, so, so dumb?

How dare you claim
that she will fall away
into idolatry
because she was married
in her mother's living room.

You sit there and insinuate
that my faith is worth less
than yours,
is shakier not because
I have felt abandoned by God,
but because my father
didn't sit next to me at church.

Being Covenant-born does not make
a child perfect, free from sin
or temptation.
I have seen temple marriages fall apart.
I have seen the children of two
 devote Members,
Holy as Angels,
turn to drugs, skip church
to smoke, worshiping
the Idol of pornography.
And I have seen two people
who love and support
each other,
who share values but not religion.

How dare you say that
the children of such
people, pure in love,
are ticking time bombs,
falling away into Idolatry,
that I will make all the wrong choices
and only bring grief?
I am not a miracle, exception to the rule.
My faith is mine, not because of my mother's,
not in spite of my father's.
It was mine to doubt, mine to choose.

And then, how dare you
simper, say you are
sorry that I was offended,
putting all the blame on me.
Because of course, I chose to be offended
when you insult who I am,
who my family is.
With unchristian ignorance
you chose to offend.
You do not apologize for your words
your implications, for calling my mother
quote: So, so, so, so dumb.

Call me what you want:
faithless, worthless
don't hide behind "I don't mean it"s
you only add when I stand up.
you meant it when you spoke about others
in my situation.
but my mother's faith
saved me,
she is my world
my best friend.
Call me what you will, 
but don't you dare touch my mother.

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