Thursday, March 6, 2014


Red ink spiders across the page,
slashing out words, underscoring sentences 
that don't make sense. 
Script jagged from frustration
spells out the problems:
"Is that your thesis?" 
"Is that?"
"I’m confused-- the only claim you make
is that people don’t care about history classes
but it’s vaguely worded;
is that your thesis?" 
And later in the body paragraphs-- more like
hide the body, because you murdered
the English language-- more ink.
"Do you mean "poignant?" "
"That is a run-on sentence AND
a sentence fragment both at once. How?" 
and of course:
"Citation needed."
"Cite this" 
"For the love of--
you have one footnote in this whole paper!" 
Go back and re-read it ,
this time for content again, 
this time focus on what is there, not 
what is missing.
"No, some states do have standardized
testing for history, 
I had it for ten years."
"What do you mean people in California 
don’t learn about civil rights?!?" 
"Actually not everyone discovers themselves
in high school, 
or learns what they want to stand for. "
"That is an opinion right there, don’t present it as fact. 
At least cite it." 
The paper is bleeding with edits now, 
gashed, scored, and annotated 
in two inch margins. 
On the final page
(note: no bibliography)
the harsh corrections stand out 
against the pale blue text copied 
from wikipedia.
"Wait, was that the thesis?"

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