Saturday, February 1, 2014


I was the Last
and am Last no longer.
Do not blame yourself, Magician,
no, you have not wronged me.

Not one of my sisters was born
who could feel what I have felt:
Regret, yes, but Love, too,
the aching in the breast.

I know regret,
but do not weep on my account
for I could not weep now if I wished.
No, please know- you have done me  no evil, in
changing me from unicorn to woman.
Had you not, I would have been driven to the Sea
and languished there with my sisters
 for the eternity we live.

And- more, I never would have known Love;
never tasted of mortality.
That I do not regret-only the leaving,
but I do not blame you for that either.
If you had listened to me
and let the quest end there,
in the middle of my tale
there would have come a day when I
welcomed death,
and there would have been no more unicorns in the world
how bleak a world would that have been!

I must go now,
rejoin my Glory
in the silver Lilac wood.
Must return to the rabbits and the deer.
I thank you, Magician. Truly, you have changed me
forever, but not for ill.
because of you I am the Last no longer,
and when all this world has faded away,
 I will remember Lir, and Molly Grue--
and you.
There is your immortality,
the love of a unicorn.

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