Monday, January 7, 2013


For Magpie 150

She sits in the window-seat,
watching for the moon.
Goddess of Night,
 look down on this your handmaiden,
who waits for you night after night,
chain of your silver token round her neck,
Lune, your chosen,
watching you spread your starlit splendor
on the forrest,
and there, the tree, planted over the grave of her heart,
grown from sapling to strength in an instant.
Lune sees what you see,
Moon Queen, Night sister
the wonder of the world from lofty tower window,
and she yearns for your voice in her heart
to tell her what to do now.
Your war is won, my Lady,
your prophecy fulfilled,
but Lune still lives,
your handmaiden, 
bound to you and to tell your tales
and her tale,
the tale of love and sacrifice
for freedom
and for you, oh, Silver Moon,
Now shine your silver down
bring light to the darkness,
bring smiles to sorrowed faces,
bring us the hope that Lune brought
in battle,
Oh, my Lady, 
Queen of Night,
she sits in the window-seat
your handmaiden, your warrior
Smile down on her
and come to her who calls you
from tower tall above the wood
dappled silver
by your Grace.