Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pokemon book

Preface: This story is floating around on the Internet. I posted it. It's mine, I swear.

When I was 7 years old, I had a Pokemon themed birthday party. One of my gifts was a book, The Official Pokemon Handbook. I took it everywhere, and pretended I was a pokemon trainer. Just before my 8th birthday, I brought it with me to school for show and tell. It was stolen out of my desk at lunch. I was heartsick.

On my 18th birthday, I found 50 cents on the ground. I decided I’d take a look in the public Library’s second hand book shop to see if I could find a fun gift for myself at lunch. On the 50 cent book rack, I spotted a familiar blue spine- a paperback copy of the Official Pokemon Handbook. I bought it on the spot. What a treat! I’d loved this book as a kid. I started walking back to school, when I paused. Just the intro, i decided. I’d read the Intro, then I’d go. I sat down on the bench.

I opened it to the first page. 
a picture of a Pokedex. “ Pokemon license. This is to certify that.......has been officially recognized as a Pokemon trainer by the Pokemon League.”
I started to cry. because the line wasn’t blank. I knew it had been a used book, that it wasn’t new. But I had not expected what was there. In very familiar childish scrawl, were four letters. A name.

My name.

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