Saturday, October 20, 2012

In her hands she holds the Sun

Hope bubbles up from dimness
Draped in loose, bright orange silk
Bursting free to dance away, singing.

Hope flies across the field
Her sunspun cotton dress twirling
As she skips across the dew drops.

Hope turns towards the forest
Amber jewelry glittering on every finger, hem, sleeve
And waves for me to follow.

Hope stops, sudden short, at the cave’s mouth
Yellow skirts dulling to grey
As she falls to her knees, silent.

Despair creeps through the void
Midnight velvet clinging to her form, tight
holds out her hand to Hope, urging.

Despair struts, taunting in her domain
Onyx gemstones flashing at her throat 
Beckoning the fallen onward.

Despair waits, circling the forest
Cloak of shadows wavering
She moves to strike.

Despair crows in the cave
Shawl of darkness wrapped ‘round her
seizing with clawed hands, dragging Hope down.

Hope weeps in the darkness
clothed in tattered rags of light
A single beacon flares.

Hope rises, facing Despair in the mists
Glowing gown, full of orange, red, yellow, radiant as flame
In her hands she holds the sun.

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