Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A lost pencil

I just had it,
tucked behind my ear
and held there
by too thick rat's nest curls.
I've lost my pencil
the third one this week
to the black hole in my hair.

Now it joins the legion of bobby pins
and tortoiseshell patterned combs,
glitter from the year I was a faerie queen
and won "least surprising costume choice"

It's gone the way of styluses--stylusi?
and carved wood hair sticks
just an inch too short to stick out.
They should return when I shake out my hair
finger comb it into some
tiny semblance of neatness
but no.

wait, wait--no. that's a pen.
I was looking for that too,
and it will have to do
until I go to math.

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