Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dark Fire and Depression


Numbness spreads
and leaves me like a void of space.
Black behind my eyes
down my legs.
The world is icy wool
Static-y and cold
and I’m a thin veil of skin
disconnected from the darkness
outside of me.
Disconnected from the blackness
inside of me.
Floating through a half life
in half light-
It is beyond tears
and sorrow.
I am fallen past that line
empty and numb.
I am space,
cold and void
and the stars,
so tiny in comparison,
are the only feeling I have left to me

Dark Fire

Even as my body shuts down
so long without sleep,
my thoughts are racing,
clinging to each other,
fingers twitching
ink and paint spattered.
I can’t keep my eyes open,
embraced by overheated sheets,
but I must.
Creativity flares in my mind
burning bright as eyesight dims.
I’m falling through dark fire,
a half sleep punctuated
by jolts awake and pacing
wash my face,
write a poem,
fret away minutes, minutes,
until I pass out again.
The flame guttering in my head
then rising stronger than ever-

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